Elizabeth Morrow brings to her role as Director of Blair-Murrah Exhibitions a great range of experience in the arts. She has had multiple careers as artist, educator and museum director. Ms. Morrow completed her graduate studies in design, concentrating on sculpture, at the University of Kansas. Her work was shown at a variety of galleries in the region before she pursued a career in education. As Head of the Art Department at the University of Hawaii Oahu campus, and later at Tarkio College in Tarkio, MO, she taught art history as well as studio arts. Morrow's management skills in the arts were later honed as Executive Director of the Pensacola Museum of Art in Pensacola, FL.

Following her interests in art and education, Ms. Morrow founded Blair-Murrah in 1979 to fill a need she saw for more traveling exhibitions that are both well-organized and flexible in terms. Since then, her range of skills and professional experience has been put to use arranging and improving Blair-Murrah's traveling exhibitions as well as booking and handling procedures. Please visit the information page to learn how you can benefit from working with us, or contact our director at Elizabeth@Blair-Murrah.org