Booking Information

* Exhibitions that fit your available dates! Shows open and close on the dates of your choice to accommodate your schedule. Participation fees are based upon minimum one month bookings. Any amount of additional time may be added and a 50% discount applied.

* Exhibitions that fit your exhibit space. Blair-Murrah will be glad to customize the size of an exhibition to fit your gallery space, and adjust your rental and shipping fees accordingly.

* Multi-lingual text panels and labels are included free upon request. The text accompanying the show is always an important consideration, and individual labels accompany every object.

* Increased research and educational content included in Blair-Murrah’s traveling exhibitions. Lectures, workshops, videos and other activities are recommended to accompany our exhibitions when available.

* No surprises shipping bills. Blair-Murrah has“locked in” shipping and handling rates written on their agreements so you will know exactly what to budget. You will be surprised at Blair-Murrah’s low “locked in” rates!

* More quality assurance. Shows come back to us after each booking so you receive them in better condition.

Contact us soon, and share your suggestions for better service. Our staff is always here to listen to your needs.


Fine Arts Services

Blair-Murrah, founded in 1979, offers over 80 traveling exhibitions and a variety of museum services worldwide. A wide range of integrated professional art services are available, such as archival matting and framing, collection appraisal, exhibition installation, and low-cost fine arts transportation.

Multi-lingual text panels and labels are included free upon request. Lectures, workshops and films accompany many of our exhibitions. Items to be sold in the gift shop are often available or recommended.

We will be happy to work with you to customize one of our larger exhibitions to fit your space and budget or expand a smaller exhibition to fit your display area and adjust the rental fee accordingly. Contact us for specifics on the exhibitions that interest you. Tell us the type of shows you would like, your available dates, and any special requirements and let us help you. We welcome your call.

Exhibition Development and Circulation

Blair-Murrah's staff has thirty-five years of experience in planning, producing, marketing, managing and touring exhibitions, and will be happy to work with you to develop and tour an exhibition.

If you are considering touring an exhibition please contact our staff, or send the following information, and we will be glad to discuss the details with you:

1. Materials describing the exhibition: a written description and several professional quality slides and photos, or a catalog with photos of the proposed exhibition, must be included, Other supporting materials such as a press release, text or labels are also welcome.

2. A working inventory with itemized insurance values.

3. Total weight of the exhibition, and if already crated the number of crates and their individual weights and dimensions.

4. Length of time the exhibition will be available for touring.

5. Any special requirements pertaining to the exhibition.

We look forward to reviewing your proposal(s).