Art On the American Indian Reservation

There is nothing that can match the wonder of the world as seen through the eyes of children. This is especially true when those children represent the culture and traditions such as those of the American Indian.

The works of several talented young native American Indian children are included in this collection. Youngsters from the Hopi, Navajo, Tohono O'odham, Zuni, Creek, Seminole (of Florida), Arapahoe, Cherokee, Kickapoo, Potawattami, and Shoshoni tribes are represented. Their artwork gives the viewer a unique glimpse of life on modern-day reservations, combining their love of nature with the realities of their everyday lives. Their work reflects their honored traditions, such as one work which, in the words of the artist, reflects "the four directions...[of] life and the teepee shows how my great ancestors lived." The works also portray the young artists' concerns about our environment, such as the problems that occur when people are careless about trash or fires.

This distinctive show includes artwork done in various mediums, especially commissioned by Blair-Murrah Exhibitions from several Indian reservations throughout the United States. Each was selected to adhere to high artistic standards, and the young artists describe the meaning of their works in their own words, leading us to a better understanding of the world in which they live.